What Others Say About CS2

After many years of pricing the old fashioned way and not making any real money to speak of, I started searching for a better and more modern way to do business without paper invoices and having to spend family time to work up the estimates and not sending them by snail mail.

Now when I arrive I already have my customers data in the customer list , I just pull up the work to be done by touching it on the iPad click on their name and have them sign the estimate on the iPad screen with the set pricing already there and your done !! The its emailed on the spot.

My income jumped into the black very quickly and I've never looked back with regret for joining CS2.

Since my start with Contractor Success Systems,  job closure has tripled. The highly professional service this software system has, is why my confidence in this system is so great. Not only the program,  but also the vast amount of practical on the job experience, that shines through every part of it.  It is easy to forget the amount of work that goes into a task and running a business,  but with CS2,  all of that is built in.  The thought that went into each task extends into the back office.  With direct input into quickbooks online,  it more than pays for itself in the time saved from double entry. Great job James and crew!

I have been a member of CS2 since 2010. I started when they offered just a book.
I believe James created the first flat rate pricing app on the market. It was a rough start at first but with time, it just got better and better.
This new version of the software is by far the best and one of the best pieces of software I have seen, and I have seen and used a lot.

I am very pleased with the products I have purchased. The Precision Pricing Flat Rate program is for every electrical contractor no matter the size.
I can't say about the plumbing and HVAC but if he spent the time on those trades like he did with the electrical, they will have and awesome program to use too.

I love the ability to customize it to my company. It's simple and easy to use, perfect for all contractors to start with and/or service contractors no matter how long you have been in business. Great to give to all service tech's.

Customers will always try to sway pricing, which it's hard to change prices in writing.
It's great to have a ""menu"" of services so the customers can see that the prices didn't just come out of the air. Then sell them on becoming a service member and the saving prices are there too. I will recommend it to any electrical contractor."

Keep up the good work!

I am part owner of an electrical service company in the San Francisco bay area and we have been serving our clients since 1999.
We started using the CS2 system in 2011 and have been very happy with the program and with the support staff. 
In the past we used paper and pen to give the customer a number that we thought would be profitable for us. And sometimes we would get the job and sometimes we would not. 
Ever since we signed up with CS2 we have closed more business, gained more clients, clients love to see that we give them an "up front honest price”, they love the professional look (using a portable device iPad or Samsung pad) and most important we make a good ethical profit. 
The system comes with a cost calculator. That opened up our eyes as to what we REALLY need to charge in order to stay in business and make a profit.
If you are a service contractor doing plumbing, electrical or HVAC systems, you owe it to your self and to your family to at least try the system for 6 months. You have nothing to lose except the profit that is rightfully yours if you don’t sign up. 
We have been using “Contractors Success Systems” software for a number of years now. It allowed us to get rid of the paper, lost notes, and confusion that plagues most all of us. We have been able to streamline the quoting process, keep track of invoicing, and make changes to the business to bring better service to our customers. The staff is excellent at helping you out and answering your questions and concerns, and that is not just about the software but the business side of things too. Ultimately it has helped our shop to become extremely competitive at a higher level, all the while maintaining a healthy profit margin. I highly recommend utilizing the software and all the company has to offer!

On the 18th of December 2012, I joined CS2. I spent more than two years reading about the program on the forums, I Private Messaged James with questions many times and he took the time to answer every one of them in short order. He made no attempt to sell me the program and that is the number one reason I felt I could trust him in business. His customer service is second to none. If there is an issue, he will get on it and do what it takes to fix the issue.

We have a forum for the members to learn all about Flat Rate pricing. How to sell the work, and also talk about what we see in the field, along with finding ways to solve problems we run into every day. As a business owner----this is one of the best tools in my tool belt. All the members are business owners and we pull all we know together to learn what we don't know.

Also, we have Billy from Contractor Revolution Media. He builds web sites, and can help get your best advertising available on the market. For example, tell him what you want on your business card and he will design it. I did exactly that, and now I have a big box of Business cards. My clients always ask----"where did you have them made?"

Indeed On the 18th of December 2012 I opened a door that made my business life so much better. A system that creates the proper calculations so you WILL make a good profit. You will be able to grow your business as big as you wish.

James's Customer service cannot be beaten in my opinion. He will help you get to the next level in your business and he has a great forum that you can learn so much from other business owners. James is down to earth and is one of the men, you can talk to him strait, and he will give you the same respect.

Again James made no attempt to sell me the program, He simply told me how it worked and asked me to feel free to ask any questions on how the system works.

I quoted two projects this week with your software. The clients had their number within 10 minutes of looking at their project. I landed both jobs, because we were right on top of it. The first customer told me they had other prices that were 40% less than mine but they had trouble with follow up. I told them that we weren't flexible with our number because we know what it takes to satisfy our client and are willing to charge for that satisfaction. And I mean it was seamless. Looked at their job, quoted it in my truck, brought it back in so they could see it, emailed it to them, was asked to make a revision, and then asked to schedule. Sweet! Thanks a ton James!

New member here. I went into business in 89 and have been flat rating for about 15 years. I was trying to find one program to get rid of 6 that I was using.
I found it!

There is so much great information in the forum, and the contributions by everyone is nothing like I've ever seen. Tight group in here. The forums are worth the monthly fee alone.

CS2 is like no other Flat Rate System for Electricians That I have seen. This is for Electricians from an Electrician. The Tasks and Times are very accurate; it comes with an Overhead Calculator, which makes it very easy to create your selling price. I would recommend this product for any home Electrical Service Company.

I've been testing electrical estimating programs for close to 1-year, and I've finally found one that fits my needs. Electrical Success Systems Flat-Rate pricing has everything I could possibly need, and more! As a contractor, I am only interested in doing specific tasks from service work to custom installations, and repair. I was looking for a flat-rate pricing system that would allow me to make money for specific jobs, enabling me to calculate my hourly rates quickly and effortlessly, while guaranteeing me to make a profit!
Compared to other estimating programs out there, including those that offer flat-rate pricing as well, I found ESS to be fast, easy, and to the point. It allows anyone to set their labor rates accordingly, which automatically sets the prices for any job desired. This makes my life easier, as I simply locate the task I'm planning to do, find the description within that task, and there's the cost! How simple is that? Other programs out there are just too cumbersome and expensive, not to mention they are too confusing to work with.

The biggest advantage of using ESS, is how my customers feel. Since they know exactly what they will be paying up front, there are no surprises! They are at ease and more trusting when dealing with contractors who use this type of pricing system. They have peace of mind knowing what they will be paying up front, compared to me pulling numbers out of thin air!

As a contractor, I can simply say: "This is what it will cost, regardless of how long it takes". Customers love that! Of course, the goal is to get in and out as quickly as possible, and make sure my labor rates and other costs are factored in beforehand, so I make money. That holds true with any estimating or pricing program out there.

ESS is so flexible, that it allows me to change the variables to suite my individual needs. I'll rely on my expertise to see what needs to be done, and I'll rely on ESS to give me the cost to perform the work!  There's no better or easier way to run my business!

This system is extremely cost effective, flexible, and user friendly, and I tried enough of them to compare. This is by far, the best I've seen! I recommend trying out the trial version and putting it to the test.

The Electrical Success System targets each and every task, and includes possible scenarios that an electrician/contractor may encounter while doing the job. Just determine what your break-even point should be, set your labor rate, look up the job you'll be doing, find the price, and start making some money!

It even covers the cost of materials! It doesn't get any easier!

The customer support is outstanding to say the least! James Brush (the creator of this pricing system) is not just an IT guy or retired electrician that helped develop the program. Being a master electrician and licensed electrical contractor himself, he has the expertise and background to relate to you one-on-one. If you need help or have any questions about the program, you'll be communicating with a fellow electrician/contractor that's still active in the business! He's professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in the field. That's more than I can say for the customer support (or lack thereof) of other programs I've tried.

I highly recommend Electrical Success Systems, Flat Rate Pricing for electrical contractors. I just upgraded to version 2.0 and I'm amazed!! Keep up the good work James!