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Does the CS2 program integrate with Quickbooks?

There is integration available between the CS2 program and the Quickbooks Online version. Desktop versions for Windows and Mac are not supported.

With the integration provided by CS2, you will be available to import your customers from Quickbooks Online into CS2, as well as export your invoices and customers from CS2 to Quickbooks Online.

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What happens if I quit my membership and I want to come back?

You are always welcome to come back as long as you were in good standing with CS2.  However, anybody that has not been a member for longer than three months will be subject to a new buy-in and the current monthly subscription.

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What is the cost of the program?

Please visit the Features or Pricing page for more information.

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Is there a free trial available?

We're sorry, but there is no free trial available.

However, we offer a free webinar every week where we will demonstrate the features of the program and you may ask any questions you may have.

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Is there a contract for using this program?

Absolutely not! You may cancel at any time at no extra charge.

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