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Exclusivity – Your competition will not be able to get our pricing books.

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Everyone on your team will be able to price for profit.

Ability to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Save time.

Eliminate costly math errors.

Price jobs quickly.

9 years’ worth of work creating data (Flat Rate Pricing) has been done for you. You don’t have to spend your time creating your own books.

All prices are based on your labor rates. Change the labor rates and the book task prices will change accordingly.

Every page of your book is watermarked with your company name for security.


100% Customizable

Change layouts – Choose from 4. – More are coming.

Change colors

Simple black and white

Thousands of tasks created for you designed for one purpose – To make you money.

Change task names, descriptions and labor hours.

The ability to override any of our data.

Easy to use material mark-up table.

Add your own tasks to existing chapters and subchapters. – Same with material.

Create your own Chapters and Subchapters – same with material.

Choose what is printed or not printed in your books. Not everyone is going to use the same tasks and some may not even use a chapter, so we have given you the ability to print what you want. This also works great if you just want to update a certain chapter for price increases.

Ability to add taxes

Ability to add trip charges or dispatch fees.

Every page of your book is watermarked with your company name for security.

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