Triple your sales and organize your company with new software from CS2.

Shortly you’ll discover why so many contractors are using CS2 and what CS2 software can do for you. CS2 is not your typical software you would find on a shelf or the internet. It’s one of a kind. It’s specifically created for Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC contractors.

CS2 is not just a flat rate book or a simple invoicing program. CS2 is a powerful, revolutionary program designed to give you guaranteed success! It’s more than software. It’s a systemized process used by successful contractors around the US and Canada.

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Flat Rate Pricing

Easy to Use Flat Rate Pricing
Do what you do best, run your business, leave the flat rate pricing to us.
If you have ever sat down to write your own pricing books, you quickly realize how much time it takes. Take advantage of what it took us eight long years to create.

Flat rate pricing that works. Our flat rate data has been reviewed by hundreds of contractor around the US and Canada. Years of member’s input is something that can’t be bought in any book or by a few surveys. Our flat rate database was created by contractors for contractors!

Flat Rate Tasks that you actually will use. Our flat rate data is not loaded with tasks that are not used.

The Electrical Flat Rate Database has over 4000 tasks

The Plumbing Flat Rate Database has over 2000 tasks

The HVAC Flat Rate Database has over 2700 tasks

Why should you become a member of CS2?

Increase of sales and profit.

Never negotiate your prices again.

Your technicians will love the hassle free pricing guide, giving them more confidence in pricing jobs.

Eliminates the need for a sales person or yourself pricing the work, which frees up your time and saves you money.

Your customer will be at ease knowing that you charge the same amount on every job regardless of where the home or business is located.

You have access to all of your tasks, unlike some programs that only allow you to do a search.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Easy to use scheduling and dispatching

CS2 includes an easy to use scheduling and dispatch board. The dispatch board is easy to use but has powerful features that highly successful contractors know about and implement.

It doesn't matter if you are a one man shop or have ten trucks on the road; you can greatly benefit from the dispatch board.

Below are a few features:

  • Drag and Drop capabilities.
  • Custom color and text for your technicians.
  • Filter by trade.
  • Timeline, Persons, Day, Weekly and Monthly views.
  • Tech can only see their appointments.
  • Techs only see one job at a time as you release the job.
  • Custom Priorities.
  • And much more!

Being able to schedule and dispatch effectively is an essential factor to running a successful and profitable business.

Inventory Control Systems

The ultimate truck inventory system

Keep your truck organized and stocked correctly.

Know what materials and tools should be on your truck.

Save money and time.

Maximize space and keep your truck and shop organized with the provided ultimate truck inventory system.

Create basic purchase orders.

Home Inspections

Increase sales, upsells and profits with home inspections!

The CS2 Electrical Inspection has over 400 questions

The CS2 HVAC Inspection has over 96 questions

The CS2 Plumbing Inspection has over 250 questions

We provide the most comprehensive inspections that can be found in the market today!

What else does a HI do for you?

  • It gives you the ability to show the customer safety issues that need to be repaired that they may not have been aware of.
  • It gives you the opportunity to be at the customer’s home once a year. This can lead to new work, referrals.
  • It gives you and the customer a to-do-list.

But guess what?  You don’t have to use ours if you don’t want to. You may be happy with the one you have already. Just simply add it to the system.

Here’s a short list of what you can do with the new home inspections:

  • Create your own home inspections.
  • You can create as many home inspections as you want. This can be done for various reasons such as the SQ footage of the home, type of home or the type of inspection that you are giving.
  • You can also create inspections for generators, boiler systems and commercial buildings.
  • Sell your home inspection at the price you want.
  • You also can take pictures from your mobile device and save them with the inspection.

Maintenance Agreements

Start selling service agreements with ease using CS2!!!

Selling agreements brings in more revenue.

Selling agreements make your company worth more.

Having a large paying client list is a benefit to potential buyers when it comes time to selling your business.

CS2 makes selling service agreements easy!

Overcome the challenge of maintaining MAs with CS2’s new software features!

  • Create as many MAs as you need for each trade you service.
  • View all customers who have MAs and when the agreement starts and expires.
  • Set discounts for each MAs according to your business model.
  • Keep track when payments are due and you can have recurring payments within the software.
  • Email customer's renewal letters.
  • Ready to use agreement

Warranty Management

Are you losing money because of warranties?

It’s always a good idea to keep track of the warranties you give your customers because if you don’t, it can cost you money. It's important to you and your customers that all the details of your warranty are spelled out in your contracts. It needs to state exactly what’s covered and what is not.

Have you ever had a customer that called, and they told you the item you installed is not working, but you can’t find their paperwork?  You have no idea when you installed the item and can’t find the warranty.  Or perhaps your warranty information was not written out on your invoice.  Either scenario can cost you some big bucks. 

We have made it easy for you to keep track of all of your warranties.  With your new CS2 software, you can:

  • Create warranties for all of your customers. It doesn't matter if your customers buys a water heater or a Nest thermostat, you will be covered.

Keep track of all your customer's warranties and when they expire.

Customer Management

Customer Mangement made simple

Keep track of all of your customers.
Multiple job locations for each of your customers.
Distinguish between commercial and residential customers.
Mass email your customers.
Print labels for postcards or envelopes that you want to send.
Print envelopes with your customer’s information and yours.
Import your existing customer into CS2.


Is your company making money? Stay on top of things with a powerful reporting system!

CS2 Reports include the following:

  • Today's Sales
  • Sales
  • Commission tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Referral Sources
  • Sales in the City
  • Scoreboard

Keep track of what is important.

  1. How your company is doing.
  2. What direction your company is heading.
  3. Foresee problems before they happen.
  4. Individuals that may need help in your company.
  5. Where your advertising money is working

More reports are coming soon!

Advanced Cost Calculator

For those shops that have more experience with flat rate pricing, use our Advanced Cost Calculator, with even more detail, to get a more accurate amount of what your hourly rate should be.

CS2 Pro

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