Your System Matters!


Do you remember what it was like being on your first large job? It was new, it probably felt exciting, perhaps you felt a sense of being overwhelmed.  However, after getting in there and getting your hands dirty, you found that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be.

So you move on to the next job. And you find that this job goes a little smoother. It's just the natural progression of things. So over a course of time you do more jobs and become more proficient.

So let's fast-forward.

The next phase in your life is that you decide you want to go in business for yourself. You do little jobs here and there, and then you land your first big job. All of a sudden for some strange reason you get that feeling of being overwhelmed again, perhaps you feel a little bit scared of the prospect of having such a large job. But why? You have done many jobs like this in the past, so why should this one bother you?

Then it occurs to you. This job is nothing more than a process. It is a system of small steps or tasks that need to be completed in a certain order to give you a final result. It is nothing more than a bunch of small jobs that are intertwined together that makes up one large job.

The same is true when it comes to the business side of your business. It is nothing more than a systemized process. Now the question at hand is, do you have a good system or a bad system?

So ask yourself these questions and really think about the answers.

Do you have a system in place or a definite process that leads you to more success? Or are you just winging it?

What could you do right now that would greatly increase your revenue streams?

What can you do to overcome your business struggles?

I have found over the years that many business owners are great technicians but lousy entrepreneurs. It is not their fault; they trained for many years to become a master of their trade, not an entrepreneur. Being a successful entrepreneur is a trade all within itself. So to become wealthy and to become a successful entrepreneur we must now focus on how we can master the entrepreneur.

More to come.              

To your success! ~ James Brush