The power of the tongue


Good afternoon fellow entrepreneurs, I hope you are having a fantastic day so far.

Today I will be discussing the power of the tongue and the power of the pen.  If you watched the video that I sent you about the power of thoughts and how it affects water, then you know already how powerful your thoughts are and how they will form and shape your life.

A quick thought about the power of the tongue. It has been said that two powerful words that we use on a daily basis are, "I Am". 
We say things like:
I am broke
I am sick
I am poor
I am this or that. Most people speak into all of the negative things and it becomes a part of their belief system. 

Instead, we should say things like:
I am rich
I am successful
I am blessed
I am healthy

Regardless of what you say, you are declaring your truth into your life; you are painting your life's picture. Start today to be consciously aware of what you are saying. 

When you wake in the mornings and before you go to bed, declare in your life all the good things you are. What I can tell you is this, you will see a shift, you will notice that your life will change.

Now to get even better results, start writing it down and review it often. When you write things down, things start happening. 

For example, I had a few ideas to create some products for you guys. It wasn't until I wrote it down that I started taking action and making it happen. So today I can proudly announce the new panel schedule software is ready.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, and I know it will make writing panel schedules easier and put you one step ahead of your competitors.

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To your success ~ James Brush.