The ah-ha moment


Have you ever had one of those ah-ha moments in your life that resonated with you and then the very next day, someone, something you see or something you pick up gives you the exact same message but in a different light?

This could be about life, business, friendship, relationships, it could be about anything. For this discussion, it will be about business.

That said, I believe this to be God speaking to you and there are two very important keys here. One is awareness. Being aware when you are being spoken to. Two is acting on what you are receiving.  It is my belief that the more you act upon those messages, the more aware you become of those messages coming in. You will also see and hear them more often.

The other day my business coach was saying it was a shame that so many people try so very hard at something only to fail. Some will try their whole lives doing something they are not good at and not become a success at it. One reason for this is, is they don’t know their strengths or their weaknesses.

Many times they are too close to the idea, the project or the business. It’s understandable because they own it. They can’t see if it’s a good or bad. Remember, you can’t see the picture if you are the one that is in the frame.

The point my mentor was making yesterday was recognize your weaknesses and find your strengths. Once you do this, play into your strengths. If you don’t know what your strengths and weaknesses are, sit down, take some time and start thinking. Start writing them down as they come to you. You will find that it won’t take long until your mind starts racing and you won’t be able to write down your thoughts fast enough.

Back to my story. So yesterday I spoke with my coach. Did some deep thinking into his message. Went to bed, woke up this morning and meditated. I got up and as my coffee was brewing, I walked straight to my bookcase with not a thought in my mind and picked up a book. The book is Quantum Leap Thinking by James Mapes.

I opened the book to chapter 16, which is Taking Inventory. This is what it said:pine tree

An acorn dreamed of being a beautiful pine tree when he grew up. The acorn was given a book on positive thinking and he diligently read it, following all the advice on using positive thinking to achieve your dreams. But as the acorn grew, he felt himself changing into something very different from a pine tree.

The acorn accumulated every book on visualization and change that he could find. He followed the exercises faithfully. The acorn spent hours visualizing himself as a pine tree. But despite all his efforts, the acorn grew into a massive, elegant oak tree.

The metaphor is simple. You are who you are. You have certain God-given traits that are unique to you. There is no one else walking the face of this earth with your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical makeup.

To jump-start your self-inventory process, take a realistic, honest look at yourself and list your strengths and weaknesses on paper. Look them over and cross out what you consider the negative aspects of your makeup. Then play your strengths.

It’s pretty neat how things work. This was one of those moments where the universe was telling me something and I wanted to share.

So if there are things in your life that are not going great, then perhaps it’s time to look at what your strengths and weaknesses are, and take a mental note and see if something is nudging you, if something is speaking to you.

To your success ~ James Brush.