Are you good at making decisions?


Are you good at making decisions?

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the writing below. The power of it, is in its simplicity.

If we could encapsulate your life as being a picture and if you were to view that picture of your life today. The picture that you would view would be painted by the decisions you have made up to this point.Decisions

It stands to reason, the life experiences or picture that you will see tomorrow and the next day will be based on the decisions you make today. So your business will thrive, survive or fail based on the decisions you make.

I have said it on this forum a few times, which I'm a very strong advocate of the book Think and Grow Rich. Something he writes about and many coaches speak into, is the power of effective decision making. Highly successful business owners make decisions very quickly and change them very slowly if they change them at all.

The less successful business owner, which is the majority of all businesses, make decisions very slow and change them frequently.

So ask yourself, are you an effective decision-maker? Can you improve your decision-making?

Many entrepreneurs can't make decisions at all. They rely on other people to make decisions for them. In fact, they don't like thinking either. They would much rather have somebody do their thinking for them.

That is why Henry Ford said, thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.

If you don't like your life's picture, change your results by changing your thinking and become an effective decision-maker.

To your success ~ James Brush.