Your Health


Good morning fellow entrepreneurs,

We all know the importance of feeding our minds with the good stuff. And what is this good stuff? Good books, audios, podcasts, good people, etc.

Once our minds are fed, the other key ingredient is implementation. The staggering truth when it comes to self-help is that only 1% implement consistently after they finish the book or course. Then after that, they dismiss what they learned as Hodge Podge. 

That said, I had a member reach out to me last week that had a request for one of the articles that he wanted to see me write about this week and the subject at hand is our health.

Paul wrote, “It's about making all the guys aware of their physical well-being, we are spending time trying to get better mentally but without good health we can do nothing.” 

Paul has a very good point, and it is worth writing about!
Not all of us but many of us put our bodies through hell. Stating some of the obvious:

  • Lack of exercise
  • No exercise
  • Excessive drinking
  • Smoking 
  • The food/junk that we put in our bodies

We can get away with this for a while because the human body is tough and unfortunately, we don’t see immediate results from the activities we partake in. However, over a course of time we will definitely see the results. 

If our life style choices are not good, then the results will not be in our favor. Remember we are the cause of the effect in all aspects of our lives. We are 100% percent responsible.

A good analogy is that of investing your money in an account that has compounding interest. If you invest a few hundred dollars in your account and view your account in five years from now, or even ten years from now, you are not going to see any significant difference. But if you look at that same account in thirty years from now, you are going to have a large sum of money.

Another example is eating a cheeseburger from a fast food restaurant. Eating one today won’t kill you. But what would the implications be if you ate a cheeseburger three to four times a week over a course of 30 years?

If you are eating correctly, exercising correctly and feeding your mind intellectually and spiritually, then I commend you. Personally, I have some things to work on. So I ask you. Are there areas in your life you could improve?

Today is a new day. Change can be made if you want it. We’re not alone in this journey of life. Make today count.

Be well my friends ~ James Brush