Your Business, My Business


Have you ever had anybody tell you how you should be running your business?

I bet you my bottom dollar you have. Everybody you know probably has at one point in time given you advice on how you should run your business or what you should do next. Even when you didn't ask for advice.Success

I love advice when I have not asked for it. I especially love it when it's not coming from an entrepreneur. I'm kidding... However I do love advice, and I invest heavily in it but I invest in people who bring out the best in me and who already have reached a significant amount of success themselves. The point is you have to be careful where you are getting your advice from.

If you remember in past emails, I mention the law of association. It's worth reminding from time to time because of the sheer power of influence. 

It seems once a week I get a call from a contractor telling me how I should be running CS2. "My pricing structure is not right. How dare I charge what I'm charging. I have not thought my business through enough." They can be quite offensive about it too!

It reminds me of contracting too. Customers try telling us how much we should be charging.  If you get just one thing out of this, let it be this. Don't let customers tell you, how much you should be charging. Don't cave on your price. 98% of contractors do. As Greer said "contractors don't have a backbone."

Stay strong to your convictions. It's your business. Take advice from whom have already been down the road of success.

To your success  ~ James Brush.