I can’t afford that!


“I can’t afford that!” That’s too expensive!!! I recently had someone tell me they couldn’t afford $250 a month.
A little bit about this company: The Company is T&M.

  • This company has 5 trucks on the road.
  • Average call is $150. Not new installs. When they sale a new HVAC unit or Electrical service it’s more.

So the company does the math with me and says.

  1. 5 iPads = $2500 – First Year one-time expense –(This could be reduced to half but I want numbers to be high for this example)
  2. Data service yearly = $600  
  3. CS2 Monthly for two trades $250 - $3000 a year

CS2 Investment 
First year’s investment - $6100
Average monthly for 5 technicians is $508 the first year.
Average monthly for 5 technicians is $300 thereafter.

Before Flat Rate
Company A is doing on average $500 $600 per truck per day.
Weekly revenue is $12500 - $15000.
Using a good flat rate system, a little training, the average service call will at a very minimum double. It’s always more but I will be conservative.

So once the system is in place the company numbers will look like this:
After CS2
Company A is doing on average $1000 $1200 per truck per day.
Weekly revenue is $25000 - $30000.
So there’s the rub! Your perspective of the beach ball will be the same until you move in a different direction.
Investing $6100 a year to get a return of $150,000 to $180,000. Hmmmmmmm

Most of the members here know this already because they live it. Today’s lesson applies more to CS2 and that is why I'm writing about it. It applies to all aspects of life and I will speak more of the compound effect in this weeks emails.

By for now.
To your success ~ James Brush