How to handle price complaints about the dispatch fee after the fact.


Dear Entrepreneur, 
How to handle price complaints about the dispatch fee after the fact.

Every once in a while we will be blessed with the customer that bitches about the dispatch fee after the fact and call your office threatening you how he is going to go on every review site there is and tell all his neighbors that your a ripoff con artist.

Perhaps you go to someone’s house and only the wife is there. The husband gets home and sees that she had to pay $49 to have a professional, licensed technician in a company van that came to the house to pay for an estimate.

I mean, “how dare that contractor, he doesn’t have a right to make a living?” Because we all know that it doesn’t cost us anything to put a service technician in a truck right?
Here is what people don’t know about your company and pricing: 

How the pricing structure works, and all that is covered by it. Warranties, drug testing, 24-hour service, background checks, gas, insurance, office wages, etc., etc.

You can't control what the competition is willing to charge, all you can do is justify your charges. Who knows, the competition may be a desperate one-man outfit working out of his truck with zero overhead, zero warranty, zero office staff, etc. ( Little overhead is a farce by the way.)

As scary as it may seem, you have to talk to him because if you don't, he will for sure talk to everyone he knows about you!

So how do we handle this? The answer is in the next email.

To your success ~ James Brush.