12 Keys of Successful People


I think I wrote about this a year ago but it’s always worth seeing again. I saw this on the Internet the other day and it was a good reminder. I’m not sure who wrote the original but to whomever did, I’m grateful.

12 things that successful people do differently!

  1. They create and pursue focused goals.
  2. They take decisive and immediate action.
  3. They focus on being productive, not being busy.
  4. They make logical informed decisions.
  5. They avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.
  6. They work outside of their comfort zone.
  7. They keep things simple.
  8. They focus on making small, continuous improvements.
  9. They measure and track their progress.
  10. They maintain a positive attitude as they learn from mistakes.
  11. They spend time with motivational people.
  12. They maintain balance in their life.

I would imagine if you take a long look at this list you will find areas in your life that need improvement. I know I do. And if you don’t please get a hold of me because I would like to learn from you. “Confucius said find friends that are more virtuous than yourself.”

It’s easy to forget some of the lessons that we learn throughout the years if we’re not truly living into what we are learning. For me it was a good reminder and there are many points in today’s lesson that I need to focus on. My hope for you is that something in this list will spark or ignite the small change that needs to be made in your life to find greater success.

To your success, James Brush.